Meet the Author

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.52.30 PMHey guys, I’m Scott.

I’m an associate dentist from British Columbia, Canada. I grew up in a smaller town outside Vancouver, and attended the University of British Columbia for both my BSc and DMD degrees.

I love playing outside, be it surfing (yes, you can surf in Canada), snowshoeing, skiing or hiking. I drive a green pickup that my dad likes to call my Turtle-mobile (Apparently I was a huge TMNT fan as a kid), and while I possess a 50% success rate with making my own home-brewed, locally-sourced craft beer, I much prefer the professionally-made stuff. I also have a soft spot for the awesome choco-chip banana bread that my mom makes. Speaking of my madre, she’s also an awesome teacher – so from an early age I was surrounded by books and encouraged to read and learn. Not much has changed since those days: I steal as much banana bread as I can whenever I visit home, and I’m still a geek when it comes to reading.

Fresh out of dental school (see what I did there?), I found myself at a job that was not busy AT ALL, and I was terrified that I wasn’t learning or earning enough to “be a good dentist”. So I started to do what I had always done since I was a kid – read! I read online dental forums during all of that down-time at work. I signed up for free dental newsletters. I subscribed to various dental blogs. I started to read the additional resources that experienced dentists recommended to me. Gradually, I accumulated a lot of ACTIONABLE knowledge that I could try to apply at work the next day. The content in Fresh Out of Dental School is the by-product of those hours of panic, self-doubt, gathering information, and learning the hard way of how NOT to do things.

Why did I decide to write Fresh Out of Dental School? Well, backing up a bit, I’ve noticed a recurring theme in my life since finishing high school: In 1st and 2nd year undergrad, I went back to my old high school and gave talks for the Grade 12 students on applying to university and what life was like as a college student. In my later undergrad years, I made presentations to the Pre-Dental Society on the application and interview process for getting into dental school. During dental school, I returned to that same Pre-Dental Society to give seminars on life as a dental student. A few friends and I even put together a weekend “Dentalmen’s DAT prep course”. After graduating, I was writing epic, novel-length Facebook messages and emails to senior dental students and fellow new grads regarding all the knowledge I’d researched previously.

Since graduation, I’ve worked as an associate full-time in two practices, and part-time in two additional practices (and no, I wasn’t fired from three jobs!) They’ve ranged from small single owner practices, to social services-oriented corporate practices, to one in a small group of seven clinics. Four different locations, four different approaches to dentistry that I got to witness.

So here I am again, passing on tips for those coming down the same path. I’m hoping to help you learn and implement efficient processes earlier in your career, avoid making the mistakes that I made, stay out of trouble, keep more of your hard earned money, and enjoy a great and healthy career. So grab a copy of FODS, turn off your phone, pour yourself a drink, and start learning…