Frequently Asked Questions

FODS is the definitive eBook resource to help you smoothly transition out of dental school and into the real world of private practice dentistry associateship. It is the result of hundreds of hours of study, internet searching, speaking with industry leaders, organizing, emailing, and writing.
When I graduated from dental school, I was pretty nervous about making the leap from school clinic to private practice. I spent a ton of time trying to gather as much useful information as I could. FODS places all this information in one online location, making it much faster to acquire. One thing I found annoying was that some sources were geared to associate dentists, but they were written by owner docs that were decades out of school and not really in tune with things like new technology, current debt scenarios, and the fact that it’s not as easy to buy a practice a year after graduating. This made me realize I wanted a resource for associate dentists, written by an associate dentist. I surveyed hundreds of dental students and associates before starting to write so that I could gear the content towards those who would actually be reading it!
I wouldn’t be surprised if a dentist 10 years out of school was able to pick up a new nugget or two from FODS. However, the people who are going to garner the greatest yield from FODS are dental students in their 3rd and 4th years, as well as recent dental grads in their first two years out of school.

Fresh Out of Dental School is about 90 pages, while the Interview Survival Manual is about 12 pages. The CBCT interpretation form is a single sided blank form that you can print, laminate, and use in your office with a dry-erase pen.

YES! That means that those of you in the USA and Europe get a decent discount, given the $CAD’s current value (as of 2016).

YES! While I may mention provinces instead of states, or poutine rather than biscuits and gravy, I purposely structured FODS so that the vast majority of its content is applicable to a new dentist anywhere in the world.

FODS is in .pdf format. This means you can easily view it on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also print it out and have it bound if you desire a paper copy. Your personal information will be watermarked/stamped onto your copy. The PDF stamping process can take several seconds to several minutes to complete, after which you will be emailed a download link. This slight delay is normal.

Sorry, for that to happen I’d have to make you write an exam; however you will find an entire chapter dedicated to CE in the book!
Anything related to dentistry and associateships. I can’t comment on AEGD’s, GPR’s, military positions, specialties, etc., as I haven’t done any of those. Those with less than 6 months of full-time private practice dentistry experience will probably benefit the most from this tier. I’d recommend only purchasing the Fellowship package if you’re a 4th year dental student or a new grad less than 6 months out of school and are actively pursuing a new position. In fact, if you’ve been in practice for more than 6 months, I’d recommend you DON’T buy this package – put your money towards getting some of the useful goodies on the Top 15 Products list instead!
That mostly depends on your budget. The majority of people go for the middle (Master) tier. Regardless of the package you choose, you will most definitely make back the purchase cost within a week or two of implementing the recommendations at your job.
No. Few things piss me off more than unsolicited spam. Your email address won’t be shared with any third parties. What you will get (aside from the 3 free resources) are ad-free, periodic newsletters (~every month or so) with concise, valuable and easily implementable info. This info will range from clinical hacks, to short snippets on patient interactions/scripts, to the occasional guest post on important associate-dentist-relevant issues.